4 year old killed as parents flee attackers

A four-old boy was burnt alive by angry relatives as his parents fled to safety in a violent pay pack attack at Haven village, Ambunti in the East Sepik Province on August 1.

Police say Haven village was completely destroyed by fire when angry relatives from Ambunti ambushed them at dawn last weekend, destroying homes, burning down houses and chasing people out of the village.

Two people were reportedly killed, one the four year old boy whose parents fled to save themselves when the attackers set their house ablaze.

Police told LOOP the attack was in retaliation for the alleged killing of a youth from Ambunti last weekend during a drunken brawl.

The youth police say died from stab wounds to the chest from a screw driver.

Police have arrested several people already in relation to both incidences.

They also said Haven villagers fled to higher ground from their attackers and lost all their belongings except for the clothes on their backs.

Photo: Madang police during a recent parade

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