1RPIR commanding officer urges soldiers to be serious

The First Battalion Royal Pacific Island Regiment Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Edison Napyo advised his soldiers to be serious about their employment in the PNGDF.

Napyo said the PNGDF is a volunteer force but warn soldiers that if they do not conform to and work within the confines of the Code of Conduct in the PNGDF; they are subjected to the PNGDF Code of Military discipline.

“I want us to fear the system because the PNGDF will discharge soldiers who do not obey these rules,” he says.

He stressed that for those that have attitude problem, must change their habits and attitude towards their work and focus their minds on their primary jobs and that is being a soldier of the 1PIRP Battalion of which is made of their section, platoon and company that the belong to.

He adds that as the PNGDF increases in manpower capability, there is going to come a time when all soldier and officers with bad habit, attitude problems and don’t care attitude towards their will be identified and considered for possible discharged from the PNGDF.

“We must continue to be committed to our work because it is our livelihood and we have no other job apart from being a soldier and that I don’t want any soldier to be discharged from the ONGDF because of his or her own stupidity.”

“We must remain obedient with the Codes and directives put in place to safe guard our conducts and those that see fit to disobey simple directives and codes of the military discipline must have a fall back plan.”

Picture source: Loop file picture.  

Annette Kora