18 LLG’s go into by-elections

Eighteen LLG’s, five in Central, four in Manus, and nine in Morobe have officially begun their By-electoral process yesterday.

Their writs were issued by the acting Governor General, Leo Dion.

For Central provinces the Kairuku rural ward 5, Koiari Rural ward 2, Rigo coast wards 2, 9 and 10 will all be going for their by-elections.

In Manus, Bisakani rural Ward 8, Tetidu Rural Ward 6, Rapatona Rural Ward 1 and Aua Wuvulu rural ward 5.

While in Morobe province, Buang rural and Wau Bulolo urban will both go to the polls for their president seat.

Also in Morobe, Ahi Rural ward 16, Buang rural ward 13, Komba rural ward 17, Morobe rural ward 14 , Nambak rural ward 19, Yabim/Mape rural ward 1 and Finschefen Urban ward 5.

Meanwhile, return of writs for all LLG’s is set for November 19, 2015.

Julianna Waeda