​Toea Wisil back in country to promote HP athletes training

The sprint queen of the Pacific and Papua New Guineas fastest woman Toea Wisil arrived in the country today for a four-day visit to Kokopo under the High Performance Awareness program.

PNG Loop caught up with Wisil on her way to the domestic terminal to transit to Kokopo. Toea said she was invited by colleagues Betty Burua and Theo Pinau who were currently in Kokopo organising the event under the High Performance course to encourage young athletes  to participate in athletics.

The sprint queen was excited to be back in the country and showed a lot of enthusiasm when speaking about encouraging the young ones through the program when she visits schools in Kokopo as part of the program.

“I have been in sports for over 12 years now and this where we are trying to give back to the young ones  to learn from our experience and now we are trying to encourage the young ones who are coming up after we retire they will become the natural model to represent our country when we are finished,” Wisil said.

“Most likely I will be encouraging women to participate in sports and build their career as well because it’s not only education that will take you to places and leave your dreams but it can also be through sports, like for myself where I don’t have a better education but through sports I manage to live my dream because I never gave up on my dream when I started playing sports,” she added.

“However, from nobody to somebody today and from running bare foot to wearing spikes on the pitch today is just superb when you think back of how you develop your career, and it’s all because I never gave up on my dream and through this program when we visit young ones in schools I will encourage them to live their dream,” Toea said.






Lamech Jinimbo