​New police bosses called on to be ‘agents of change’

The Commissioner of Police Gari Baki encouraged 12 newly commissioned assistant commissioners of police to go and be his agents of change.

During the ceremony Commissioner Baki  expressed confidence in the promotional changes as  they signified the change of the old guard to the new.

He said that these officers represented the future deputy commissioners, and commissioners in the making.

Baki also expressed satisfaction with and endorsed the outcome of the Police Promotion Selection Board 1 of 2015 under the chairmanship of Reverend Sommy Setu, and members Francis Tokura, Chief of the Bougainville Police Service, and ACP Southern Allan Kundi.

These changes, Baki says, captures and supports his intentions for the RPNGC while also signalling the change that is anticipated to take place within the RPNGC to prepare itself for the future.

One of the 12 is Joanne Clarkson, the first female officer to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

Clarkson says that this was in homage to the brave women who took the initial steps of joining a predominantly male driven workforce.

Meantime, two of the newly promoted ACPs, Nema Mondia and Jerry Frank have served 13 and 15 years respectively as chief superintendents before their elevation.
Frank, who will now be ACP Traffic, says that he is motivated to be in his new post and also congratulated his other colleagues who were promoted today.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by the Police Minister Robert Atiyafa, the Commander of the Australian Federal Police ACP Allan Scott, members of the RPNGC and family and friends.

Meanwhile, Minister Atiyafa while commending the new ACPs called on them to help the RPNGC in restoring the need of command and control among the police rank and file.

He also commended the appointment of  ACP Clarkson adding that the government was adamant to encourage more gender equality and equity in the PNG workforce and especially among its armed forces.

Julianna Waeda