​ Defence still waiting on police over shooting

The PNGDF Command is still waiting on the meeting that is supposed to take place with police about the shooting of a man and wounding of a soldier.

This is about the joint investigation into the fatal police killing of 25 year old Nelson Rema and  the apparent wounding of one of their soldiers who was involved in the incident.

PNGDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Mark Goina, would not comment on the issue further,  only adding that his  officers are waiting on the police to set up the meeting.

Goina is adamant that the army wants transparent investigations carried out  to effectively address  the issue,  this being a repeat occurrence of soldiers and police taking to the streets to vent their frustrations over issues of conflict.

Meantime, Goina says that the PNGDF will not take this issue lightly and will ensure that all soldiers implicated in the Manu Auto Port rampage and the damage of police vehicles will be handed over to police to face the normal process of discipline.

Julianna Waeda