Where it all started

As part of Digicel Foundation’s 10th anniversary celebration, the team traveled back to a village along the Magi Highway, where it all started.

Barakau village was the first recipient of the Foundation’s classroom structure, 10 years on, it is again the first to receive a double-storey classroom, as part of PNG Digicel Foundation’s 10 year celebrations.

“A total of 687 buildings in the education and health sectors have been built over the past 10 years by the Digicel PNG Foundation, of which 522 are classrooms built at the elementary and primary school levels across PNG with an investment of K95 million, mostly from Digicel PNG and other development partners including members of parliament,” said chief operations officer, Adi Anaseini Vesikula.

Over the weekend, children at the Barakau Primary School were given a boost to kick start their 2019 academic year, with new classrooms.

“Over 350 kids are here, that have passed through the old timber structure and it’s good to know that more are coming with beautiful structure in front of us,” continued Vesikula.

“You are here to witness the inauguration of the first two double-storey classrooms designed for secondary school levels in PNG. A structure that will continue to evolve to make it cost effective for organisations and individuals who wish to pursue this structure in partnership with PNG Digicel Foundation, for their respective schools and or districts.”

The foundation has impacted more than 800,000 people in the past decade.

The United Church was also donated a house for its Chaplain during the visit.

“This donation does not belong to Barakau United Church but it belongs to United Church in PNG. Thank you very much for your donation and we really appreciate that,” said Rev. Igo Trudie.

Sally Pokiton