Sumkar MP adamant to change district

Sumkar MP, Chris Nangoi aims to replace all bush material houses in his district with permanent roofing irons.

The Sumkar district authority funded a facility to process roofing irons and metal walling.

The roofing iron and metal walling will be processed and distributed to every household on Karkar Island and the Sumgilbar local level government areas which make up Sumkar district.

Mr Nangoi aimed to build modern homes for every household in the electorate by 2030.

He said the Sumkar district development authority has rolled out the project under a tight funding of K500, 000.

The roofing iron and processing facility for Karkar LLG was established at Yukyuk village on the Takia side of the Island while the one for Sumgilbar LLG was established at Mugil on the North Coast of Madang.

The local MP said his aim is to help his people replace bush material houses with permanent roofing irons so that they are qualified to get power supply.

The first test run of processing roofing irons and walling was done over the weekend.

Nangoi said will do a proper launching of the project before they start processing and distributing the roofing irons.

The DDA also plans to purchase sawmills to process timber for the housing scheme.

Freddy Mou