Students confidently showcase learning

KoroBoro International School recently had its student led conference where students showcased what they learnt to their parents as opposed to the traditional parent teacher conference.

Principal of KoroBoro International School, Peter O’Sullivan, stressed that parents’ role is vital to the success of the student led conference.

“When sharing your child’s growth in learning, the parents’ role is more important than that of a good listener,” said O’Sullivan when explaining the conference.

The aim of the student led conference was to work out how best parents can support their children at home to achieve their identified goals for further growth through their plan of actions.

Parents were advised on what to expect at the conference and were encouraged to be attentive and supportive of their children’s learning presentation.

During the event, students from prep to grade six from the school’s Boroko East and Korobosea campuses demonstrated their learning activities. With the help of their parents, students set personal goals to improve their learning. Parents were taken on a tour of their classroom and other places in the school where learning takes place.

“It is truly amazing to observe how even the youngest students at Koroboro can confidently lead their own student led conferences,” said O’Sullivan.

Kevin Siriwana, who is a parent of a grade three student, said he was impressed with the conference. “I am so impressed and appreciative to the school for having the initiative of coming up with this conference.

“I think this conference is good because it shows you subjects your child is good at and which ones they need to improve on. This in a way helps the child to realise what they should work on and come up with short term goals to help in their learning,” he added.

KoroBoro International School promotes a sense of belonging and pride where learning is the key priority in the educational process within a friendly, caring learning school community.

“KoroBoro is an excellent example of a school which meets the challenges of the current and future needs of its learners,” stated O’Sullivan.  

(A Grade Three student demonstrating what she has learnt to her father)

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