South Korean firm recruiting in Madang

A South Korean company, PPM Construction, is currently in Madang doing recruits from the second chance students that recently graduated at Hinch Technology and School for Business in the Philippines.

The company is looking at employing students who will work in Batangas or South Korea, including Vietnam and others in Madang.

PPM, which stands for Perfect Professional Management, is also trading as JG Summit, a Petrochemical Plant company operating in Batangas, the Philippines, but with headquarters in Busan and Ulsan, South Korea, and also Vietnam. They now have an office in Madang joint venturing with CJI International, a Batangas based company.

PPM’s Philippines branch contributed in building Batangas LNG and major developments in Batangas and the Philippines.

The company is now working on recruitment and establishment of their office in Madang.

Chief Executive Officer Sang Ho Lee and Manager Hong Sung, who attended the students’ graduation ceremony in Madang, said Papua New Guineans, especially the students, were very smart and diligent, strong and honest.

They also met with Madang Governor Peter Yama to reaffirm their commitment and discuss the number of students they are likely to employ now and in the future after the second batch complete their training.

They will also stand by as they have offices overseas that will need the skilled men and women.

(File picture of the students during their graduation in the Philippines)

Freddy Mou