Science fair attracts over 100 students

Over 100 students from around NCD visited the Paradise College Science Fair in Port Moresby last Wednesday (20 June).

The experiments and demonstrations were part of the biology, chemistry, physics, maths and general science subjects taught at the private school.

“We pride our teaching according to data we collect on students. That way we can guide students to take up career paths according to their strengths,” said David Robert, the school’s chemistry teacher.

“All of these work in the science fair is to showcase everyday applications developed in the various subjects of science we teach.”

The school teaches the PNG curriculum where students sit in the National Exams for grades 8, 10 and 12.

“Even though we had little time, the experiments were interesting,” said Fiona Gabina, a Grade

Eight student at Kopkop College.

“The ‘Bouncing Egg’ experiment showed how the eggshell of a whole raw egg can dissolve in a right amount of solution, and the egg white becomes clear and bouncy like rubber. That was amazing and bouncy- although we wouldn’t want to eat the egg.”

The event is staged biennially by the school.

(Students from Kopkop College participating in the 'Bouncy Egg' experiment by Grade 8 students of Paradise College)

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