Priority areas outlined in SHP budget

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government has outlined five key priority areas when handing down its 2020 provincial budget in Mendi recently.

The key areas include law and justice sector, school fee subsidy, technical vocational education training rolling out program, agricultural and rural electrification programs.    

The construction of the National Court Judge’s residence is currently underway and K3 million counter-funding with the Mendi District Development Authority for a new courthouse has been allocated.

In the Law and Justice sector, K1 million has been allocated for Buyabi Jail facilities as the provincial government’s first priority to address law and order issues in the province.

The SHP government has also subsidised school fees, parental component by allocating K20 million to assist students who will be attending high and secondary schools in the province.

In the agricultural sector, a funding of K10 million was allocated to five districts in the province to assist local farmers to plant potatoes and supply them to the Pangia potato chips factory as a roll out program.

Governor Powi said ‘Take back PNG’ is a practical way and people have to work the land to meet their needs as money is in the land and not by following Members of Parliament.

The Governor also outlined the rural electrification roll out program that was included in the 2020 provincial budget.

He said the maintenance for the main electricity line from Kaupena to Mendi will be rolled out in consultation with PNG Power, Kumul Petroleum Holdings and the National Government.

(Article by Albert Moses – third year UPNG Journalism student; Picture: William Powi Facebook page)

Albert Moses