Police join celebrations at home

While most, if not all, police personnel throughout the country conducted operations during the festive period, officers in a particular province joined in the celebrations at home.

"After almost 40 years of traditional special Christmas and New Year police operations, the Christmas of 2016 and the New Year of 2017 saw little police activity in the province," WNB Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Jim Namora said.

"Everyone in the province must be congratulated for taking ownership of law and order during the festive season and looking after each other's back.

"I decided not to deploy members during the season for special police operations as I wanted my men and women to celebrate the period, just like any other members of the community," he said.

The PPC paid tribute to the community leaders, women group and youths for observing the festivities without trouble.

He said prior to the festive period, he told them that police would not be patrolling the streets or visiting their areas; they will only carry out their normal operations.

"I thank the people of West New Britain Province for celebrating Christmas and New Year without any major problems encountered.”

He said there was no liquor ban, unlike previous years, but residents behaved reasonably well.

He urged them to continue taking ownership of such big days and respect each other to ensure such celebrations are enjoyed by everyone. 

Bustin Anzu