Origin fever impacts Play Box sales

Rugby league is the national sport of Papua New Guinea and the State of Origin is one of the most anticipated sporting events every year.

Supporters of the coveted State of Origin series congregate each Origin game in droves at tucker boxes and shop fronts with informal markets to crafty face painters cashing in on the opportunity.

Since the inception of the State of Origin concept in 1980, it has rapidly attracted a large following in Papua New Guinea.

Rural communities are glued to radios and those in urban towns set up their TV sets outdoors to get out of what would have been a very crowded living room, or meet up with friends and watch the match in a club.

Digicel’s retail staff at the head office in Gordon’s have busily kept the sales line moving since Monday as customers swamped the shop conducting game day purchases of the play box, which have been selling like hot cakes.

The (DTT Antenna Pack) includes the play box, remote, HDMI cable, antenna and a 7Day Free Supa TV Plan at only K250. Customers were further advised to call 1512 to have the set activated.

Digicel’s retail sales person, Karen Auko, said: “It's the best time to secure your play box for the ultimate game experience.”

Meantime, following Wednesday night’s NSW win, Origin Game II is set to take place at the ANZ Stadium on June 24th.

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