North East ready to embrace APEC

As the nation is gearing up to host the world leaders in November for APEC, the Port Moresby North East electorate community in NCD have been urged to participate positively in this historical meeting.

Local Member and Housing and Urban Development Minister John Kaupa has commended the National Government and other stake holders for their tremendous effort in preparation to host the World Leaders.

“It has cost a lot of time, money and effort to organise this meeting. And our Government under the Leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has strategically taken a leading role to bring all the world leaders into our country to discuss development issues of significant importance to the livelihood of our people.”

“This meeting will charter a new chapter of economic empowerment and change for our nation. It has already stimulated economy benefits to our business community in the city, as various meeting has progress leading up to November.”

“Our North East District hosted the Jackson International airport which is the gateway to the nation. We have organised our, mother and youths to clean up the city streets to give a face lift.”

“I am appealing to all electorate and city residents to be mindful of your rubbish and particularly speeding of bettlenut.”

“Our Governor Powes Parkop has always been vocal on the cleanliness of our city, and as a leader of our city I am also in support of my Governor who has put in a lot of effort to Modernise our city outlook with many infrastructure development currently happening in the city.” He said

“Our attitudes towards public infrastructure facilities must change. Stop putting up graffiti, control littering, dress properly and look decent.

“These are basic behavioural changes that as long as you are in the city must adhere to.” Minister Kaupa said.

“One of the eye sore in the city is the growth and mushrooming of settlement through-out the city.”

“Urban settlement is here to stay; it has always been a challenge in most of the developing cities around the world.”

“But we cannot continue to live like that, the settlement status have to change to urban centres accessible with proper amenities.”

“The settlement challenges and problems have been incorporated into my North East 5 year District Development planning. My Urbanisation office and NCDC are now working in collaboration to do proper alignment and resettlement of unplanned houses erected within the city boundary.” He said.

“You cannot just move into the city and build houses on vacant land without following the due diligence. Our people must understand that there are procedures and authorities to consult before any business can be conducted.

“I am appealing to all communities in our district and city to embrace this very important meeting that will converge in November this year. Let us continue to maintain peace and promote our various cultural diversity to our visitors.” Kaupa stressed.

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