NIP medivac success story

“If there is a will, there is a way.”

That was the strong message portrayed in Namatanai as not one, but two lives were saved recently by the Manolos P2-NTI Medivac Search & Rescue Emergency Chopper. 

Minol Tomaibi, (mid 30's, male) was suffering from a severe Barracuda bite wound sustained while diving and Leonie Misirom (age 36, female), who was 2 months pregnant, was facing heavy blood loss following a miscarriage.

The heavy loss of blood has resulted in Misirom having low blood level, leading to severe anaemia with HB (haemoglobin) level of 4 grams. 

The former (Tomaibi) is from Uris of Matalai LLG and was referred from Lipek Health Centre.

Speaking from Namatanai Rural Hospital, Sr. Tulabau Tom said Tomaibi sustained a rugged wound from the fish bite and has a 50/50 chance of saving his foot. The bite was sustained on the ankle front which caused damage to blood vessels and tendons. 

The latter (Misirom) is from Danfu village, East Konoagil (Lak Constituency) and was referred from Manga Health Centre. 

Namatanai MP Walter D. Schnaubelt thanked Jurgen Ruh of Manolos Aviation and his team for the quick response in saving his people’s lives during emergencies as such. 

“And the hard work of Namatanai Rural Hospital, the District Health admin team with timely intervention of Linus Yipma for stepping in to save our two patients,” the MP said in a statement.

“These two patients couldn’t be transported by road to Kavieng General Hospital since the ambulance left for Kavieng with another emergency caused by a hit-and-run accident at Belik.

“The patients were received by Dr. Felix Diaku and team at Vunapope General Hospital and have been stabilised.”

Press release