NID roll-out for Namatanai

Namatanai is the seventh district to partner the Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry to roll out the National Identification or NID program.

This partnership will see the collection of data for over 90,000 people in the district of New Ireland.

A joint ownership and partnership Memorandum of Understanding for the collection of information and issuance of birth registration and national identity cards in Namatanai was recently witnessed in Port Moresby.

“The agreement we signed is the standard agreement we signed with all other members of the parliament, the ones that come to the fore and help us,” said Acting Registrar, Noel Mobiha.

The signing paves the way for the identification of the people of Namatanai to have a correct data that will facilitate accurate budgeting according to the exact number of populace in the district.

“Right now it’s just a guessing game and estimates which doesn’t give us a reality of the situation on the ground which in turn, doesn’t help us in the budgetary process,” explained local MP Walter Schnaubelt.

Schnaubelt further explained that concrete data and statistics will enable the allocation of funds, resources and services appropriately.

The member has given his undertaking to contribute additional support to the K100 000 commitment for logistics during the time of the implementation in the district.

“I will also be standing by to support any other expense that is required to make this efficient and complete it on time,” Schnaubelt added.

(Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt)

Carolyn Ure