Newcrest launches clean-up campaign

Newcrest Lihir has launched a clean-up campaign as part of its commitment in maintaining high standards of housekeeping in a steel and metal-laden mine site.

The ISCORE campaign, an acronym for ‘I Sort, Clean, Organise, Regulate, Every time’ compliments Newcrest Lihir’s management operating system, which inspires a culture of operating excellence and high performance in its transformation journey. It also resonates with the Newcrest Safety and Sustainability pillar in keeping people safe and healthy and respecting communities and the environment.

“ISCORE is an excellent and motivational initiative. We have aligned the campaign with our key performance indicators so that we can safely deliver great results,” says Lihir’s Environment Management System-Reporting & Waste Management Superintendent, Chris Sigere, who has been in the operation for over 10 years.

“The other big win is operational discipline in terms of meeting deadlines, justifying resources and encouraging discussions on problem solving.

“We are definitely finding ISCORE useful; it is making a huge difference in our team,” Sigere added.

ISCORE is Newcrest Lihir’s version of ‘5S’ standard. The operation’s 5000-strong workforce is delivering ISCORE with enthusiasm and pride. From removing temporary crib huts and 40-ft containers to organising storage in workshops and applying fresh coats of paint to office buildings; teams are setting ISCORE targets and ‘scoring goals’ safely and swiftly.

There is a growing number of successful ISCORE stories on Lihir across sections and departments. It has also extended beyond physical work areas to electronic systems and processes including inventory.

“ISCORE is a challenging opportunity. A lot of hard work, but we took it up as an opportunity to restore order in the processes we take at work. It is a great concept that we can take home to teach our families and friends so they too can apply it at home, communities and workplaces,” Joseph Turagil, warehouse stores officer.

(Newcrest Lihir’s Warehouse Store Officer Joseph Turagil, left, and Inventory and Control Officer Raymond Kalate take a moment to enjoy the success of their effort in the ISCORE campaign)

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