New high school for Winge

Work is expected to begin next month for a new high school in Winge in Yangoru-Saussia District, East Sepik Province.

Yangoru-Saussia MP and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, said the District Development Authority (DDA) has approved the establishment of the high school.

Minister Maru made the announcement during the opening of a new three-in-one elementary classroom in Winge Central.

Minister Maru announced that the soon-to-be built high school was only awaiting a suitable land area as the initially identified land within the Winge community school was unsuitable.

“I won’t build the high school at the current Winge Community School. That’s an inappropriate and unsafe location,” he said.

Locals in Winge expressed their desire for a separate high school as they felt their children were marginalised in other high schools.

“We are ready to set up the first four classrooms, first four staff houses, grade nine next year, we are ready.

“There must be a lot of space, a sports field, and it’s a proper high school.”

Following the opening of the three-in-one elementary classroom, Minister Maru and locals travelled to Balsaki to see land allocated by landowners for the new high school.

Meanwhile, locals in Winge also raised two other issues, which include water access and a new hospital.

“Winge doesn’t have a water source, we are aware of that. We have planned to arrange with Water PNG to have technical officials to come look at the possibility of a bore system for Winge. The feasibility we will do this year to look at the possibility,” said Maru.

He added: “We have built a small health centre; now we will complete the staff house, and next year we will build the new hospital, subject to land acquisition.”

Cedric Patjole