New community museum for Alola

Alola village in Oro Province witnessed a ground breaking ceremony for a new community museum and trade haus project to support local tourism and income generation.

The museum will be built and managed by the local community to provide a dedicated space to display World War II artefacts collected from the Alola area.

The whole community will share the financial benefits.

Attached to the museum will be an open-air trade haus for community members, particularly women, to sell souvenirs and refreshments to the estimated 3,500 Kokoda trekkers who pass through the village each year.

It will act as a focal point for visitors and is expected to become a busy hub during the trekking season.

Alola is the first of three communities along the entire Kokoda corridor to receive a new community museum and trade haus.

In coming months, similar facilities are planned for Efogi and Buna.

Press Release