Multi-code sporting facility for Kulapi

The Kulapi community, in Porgera, Enga Province, is proud host of a multi-code sporting facility that both the community and Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) worked together to establish.

The 7,000 square metre facility, set up at a cost of over K200,000 is conducive for several sporting codes to be played on, which include basketball, volleyball and touch rugby, among others.

PJV handed over the facility to the community in May this year.

PJV Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Operations and Governance Manager, Graeme Nielson, acknowledged the contribution by both the Kulapi leaders and members of their community.

“This project was not a PJV project. This was made with the sweat of all the Kulapi people. This is your project, this is not our project. It’s not PJV’s, but it’s an example of how PJV and Kulapi can work together,” Nielsen said.

PJV had engaged 60 youths from Kulapi to work on refurbishment work to the previously rundown facility.

The facility is also used by communities and schools within Porgera Mine’s Special Mining Lease (SML) areas, and one popular program is the SML School Holiday Games, which is a PJV initiative.  

Kulapi Sporting Facility committee member, George Yope, says having the facility and young people engaging in sporting activities can help in positive personal development so they grow up to be good members of their respective communities, especially in the Ipili society.

“We must focus on our children. We want our children to get educated so they can manage Porgera in the future.

“The mining operation requires professionals with skills and knowledge. Let’s now focus on our children; ensure they go to school, raise them in morally accepted ways so they become professional.

“We don’t want to go looking for a leader or a lawyer or an engineer. These are our future leaders and professionals,” Yope said.

The Kulapi community leaders gave assurance to look after the facility.

PJV Community Development Officer John Dilipa explained that the facility was established to mitigate social issues, as there was an increase in many anti-social activities in the recent years.

(Nielsen and CR Superintendent Tum Erasi test out the new basketball court in a friendly game with Kulapi youngsters)

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