Much-needed assets for rural Gembogl school

K10,000 worth of assets, including 500 library books and K500 scholarship, was committed to the rural Gembogl ACE School.

Under its rural education focus, Kumura Foundation, a small community-based organisation of Bundi, Madang Province, made the donation on December 10th.

The donations include a 45-inch plasma TV screen, a DVD player, a 3kVA diesel generator, six light bulbs, power boards, cords, including a flash drive containing educational-based videos on various topics to help enhance the learning of the children at ACE.

Further, the foundation will supply floor mats for all the four classrooms where the students are currently sitting on bare concrete to learn. All these supplies will be awarded in February next year.

Upon making this announcement, Kumura Foundation Director, Vincent Kumura, who was the guest of honour at the graduation, thanked the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for donating most of the assets and the Buk bilong Pikinini in Port Moresby for the books.

“The Sir Brian Bell Foundation donated items, which would have cost us K59,000, and the Buk bilong Pikinini donated 6,000 library books to Kumura Foundation earlier this month,” he stated.

Hence, the rural Gembogl ACE School, which prides itself on academic excellence, strong discipline and committed volunteer teachers, was the first recipient of these items.

“As a small CBO (community-based organisation), it really adds value to our mission when we can support a rural school who, despite many challenges, continues to strive forward in producing some of the best students for Gembogl Primary School. Therefore, with our great partners, we are happy to support in little ways we can.”

The director of the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre and ACE School, Willie Gene, tearfully said since the inception of the school in 2007, this was one of the biggest donations they have ever received.

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