Major turnaround planned for Rigo

Rigo district has been classified as non-compliant due to the non-submission of acquittals in the last 5 years.

This was revealed today by Member for Rigo, Lekwa Gure, during the first ever district dedication service held at Kwikila.

Gure said being non-compliant reflects badly on the leadership and administration, which public servants are a major part of.

“I'm talking about acquittals. Acquittals on the expenditure of public funds. It is very important.

“You need to acquit in order to be given further funding," said Gure.

He reminded the public servants of the roles they are incumbent to and added there will be no room for malpractice this year. Anyone found doing otherwise will be disciplined in the strongest terms.

Meanwhile, during the service, the pastor encouraged the public servants to refer to the Bible and refrain from being lazy.

Carolyn Ure