Locals call for govt assistance

Impacted people from Bogia and parts of Ramu district, who have been affected by the collapse of the Banap Bridge, claim to be neglected by the Madang Provincial Government.

It has been more than 17 days since the bridge collapsed, and although the people are seeing a little development, where one of the existing Bailey bridges is being worked on, they say they still have not seen any government representatives on ground.

Spokesman Michole Barui estimates that over 3,000 locals have been affected by the collapse of the bridge, which was used on a daily basis.

Currently the people are using makeshift rafts to be transported from either sides of the river.

Fares range from K1 to K3, which are now the set prices for passengers and cargo, as agreed by the skippers.

Barui said the Saky Association from Matagur has been catering for more than 1,000 people from Bogia as well as the parts of Madang from the other side of the bridge.

He pointed out that even people from East Sepik who bring betelnut in are accommodated.

Barui said they have been using their own equipment and logistics, including dinghies, to transport these people.

He is urging the provincial government to help them.

He said at least simple things like canvases and other necessities are needed in the resource centre to cater for the travelling public.

They are calling on the provincial government to address this issue but most importantly, show face at the centre to experience the situation firsthand.

(Picture: Killian Umalio Sesega)

Imelda Wavik