Help arrives for rural orphans

Kumura Foundation, a community-based organisation of remote Bundi in Madang Province, received K15,000 worth of assets from the Sir Brian Bell Foundation.

The items, which include 40 mattresses and beddings, towels and cooking utensils, will be used by 54 orphans and disadvantaged children of both Bundi and Simbu at the Irugl Primary School at Mt Wilhelm, Simbu.

The items, including 6,000 library books from the Buk Bilong Pikinini in Port Moresby, were collected from the Brian Bell Home Centre in Goroka and transported by the Kumura Foundation team to Mondia Bridge, Simbu.

These items are currently being stored at the Kumura Foundation’s transit house at Mondia Bridge.

The Kumura Foundation team is currently renovating the “Mother of Life” dormitory at Irugl Primary School.

Kumura Foundation Ground Committee at Mondia Bridge, Ps Joe Kuri, said: “We should complete the renovation by Friday this week for the orphans and disadvantaged children to board starting Sunday, Feb 23rd.”

Meanwhile, on Monday, 10th of February, Kumura Foundation enrolled 40 orphans and disadvantaged children of Bundi ages 6 to 12 at the Irugl Primary School. The enrolment day was a very tearful moment as the locals of Irugl welcomed the students and their parents and guardians into the school.

“Our orphans are some of the most neglected ones in our rural communities. Under our rural education focus this year, we hope to give a fair chance to them by educating them. No one should be left behind,” said Vincent Kumura, the Director of Kumura Foundation.

The donations will be presented to Irugl Primary School on Thursday, February 20th.

On behalf of the people of Simbu and Bundi, parents of students attending Irugl Primary School and the board of management of the school, the Foundation thanked Bronwyn Wright and the Sir Brian Bell Foundation team for supporting their rural education focus.

Press release