Gona community’s Good Friday

Members of the Gona community within the Ijivitari District of Northern Province observed Good Friday with the ‘traditional’ Stations of the Cross.

The villagers, who are members of the All Souls Parish under the Ewage Diocese of the Anglican Church, split into two groups, where one led by Parish Priest Hubert Tariambari observed the seven stations along part of the road leading up to the provincial capital Popondetta.

The second group of parishioners led by evangelists, was along the beach, before both groups concluded the procession back at the church.

The seven scriptures from the Bible that were recited during the procession from station No. 1 to No. 7 were: Luke chapter 23, verse 34 (23:34); Luke 23:43; John 19:26–27; Mark 15:34; John 19:28; John 19:30; and Luke 23:46.

For the second group, the evangelists delivered the brief sermons starting from station number one to the final, seventh station.

At station No. 1, John Duffield Lasibori spoke on the theme of forgiveness. At No. 2, Samson Ingita spoke on encouragement; at No. 3, Ambrose Gau, spoke on ‘loving concern’; No. 4, Eric Jaima spoke on ‘loneliness and despair’; No. 5; Blake Bera spoke on ‘physical suffering’; No. 6, Lloyd Ginonda spoke on ‘victory’; and lastly at station No. 7, Deacon Stewart Keawo spoke on ‘commitment’.

(Members of from Mothers’ Union, Girls Friendly Society and youth carry cross during the procession at Gona village)

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