Explorer’s decedent visits UPNG

​The direct descendent of the famous explorer, naturalist and humanitarian, Nickolay- Maclay I, Nickolay Micklouho- Maclay IV paid a visit to the University of Papua New Guinea this morning.

Discussing the historical achievements of his great, great grandfather in the 1870’s, Nickolay IV under the Micklouho- Maclay Foundation spoke of the work of the foundation preserving the enthonocultural heritage in Melanesian countries.

This includes the recounting of continuation of his family’s interest in Papua New Guinea.

Nickolay IV said his great great grandfather became acquainted to the people of Papua New Guinea back in the 1870’s when he first set foot on the shores of Rai Coast in Madang Province.

He said although PNG is just 42 years old, the relationship between both countries were established then.

Through the Nickolay I collection of paintings, drawings, written records in his diaries, people back in Russia got to know more of PNG.

He said the mission of the foundation is to show to Russian people about PNG and tell them the culture and life of the people.

 “I believe this is the first step to a strong and viable friendship in the future.”

Nickolay IV said his foundation team set foot on the coast of Rai Coast on 16th of September this year and that he was amazed to find out that the people could still remember his great great grandfather.

“The team visited Bongu and Garagasi, the Rai Coast and Bilibil and everyone in the villages had some memory of my great great grandfather.”

The Russian museum currently houses all the accounts, records and collection of the adventures and experience of the explorer, Nickolay- Maclay I, and that has helped to preserve the history of PNG.

Famous Russian Explorer, Nickolay Miklouho- Maclay arrived in PNG in September 1871, settled in Gorendu Village on the Rai Coast and quickly blended in with the villagers.

Meantime, Nickolay IV was presented with a K5 coin pendant, from the Bank of Papua New Guinea, as a sign of appreciation to the Micklouho- Maclay Foundation for helping to preserve a piece of PNG history alive in Russia.

Annette Kora