DWU Open Day underway

The DWU Open Day is well underway today at the DWU St John Paul II Community Hall in Madang.

Each of the departments will be showcasing electronic displays for today’s Open Day event.

The Open Day is an annual event in which students within each department get to showcase what they learn in class with the purpose of marketing the university to prospecting students, sponsors, parents and other interested stakeholders.

The theme for this year is ‘Advancing quality collaborative e-learning accessible to all,’ and departments would capture it in their displays.

While majority will display electronically, it is expected to complement the traditional booth displays where students share information from a stall or booth to visitors.

Winning faculties with the best display will be awarded K10, 000, K8, 000, K5, 000 and K3, 000 respectively during the award ceremony later in the evening.


Photo by: Sawato Hahambu (DWU Student)

Annette Kora