Digicel Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary

Digicel PNG Foundation has truly grown from when it first started in 15th October 2008, one year after Digicel as an organisation made its entrance into PNG.

It has lived up to its motto of ‘together we create a world where no one gets left behind’, having impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in PNG in all 22 provinces and 89 districts of the country.

Digicel Foundation hosted its 10th Anniversary Celebration on October 15th at the Digicel headquarters at Gordon’s, Port Moresby.

The celebration was a reflection of the work of the Foundation over the past 10 years, showcasing some of its success stories from the 5 focus areas.  These focus areas include; Education, Health, Community Building, Special Needs and Addressing Violence.

Among guests invited to the celebration were former staff and board members of Digicel Foundation who set the groundwork on which the Digicel Foundation stands on to contribute to the development of Papua New Guinea’s marginalised communities.

At the centre of the success of the delivery of the Infrastructure and Social Programs to these communities are the financial and in kind supporters and partners who were also celebrated.

Digicel Foundation through its partnerships has facilitated external funding of up to K7.28 million and negotiated with stakeholders to save over K1 million per year in discounts, kind donations and volunteer service.

A main part of the ceremony was celebrating Digicel PNG Ltd, who is the biggest financier to the work of Digicel Foundation and Digicel employees who support the work of Digicel Foundation through the spirit of volunteerism.

Over the past 10 years, Digicel has directly invested, through Digicel PNG Foundation, K85.98million (US$27.03).

Digicel PNG Foundation has directly impacted over 800,000 people in rural remote and socially marginalised communities across all 22 provinces, leaving a footprint in all 89 districts and already 65 percent of all 324 LLGs in PNG.

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