DHERST develops reform strategy

The Department of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology is realigning itself to be able to achieve the Government’s commitment to the Higher Education sector.

The Department is doing this by facilitating reforms aimed to transform and unify the higher education system in PNG.

This week the department is holding a two day training for its staff to equip them with the right tools to implement the reform.

This workshop follows NEC’s approval of a policy submission by the Department.

The National Government through the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) has developed a strategic plan which aims at introducing necessary changes to the higher education sector.

The objective of this strategic plan is to help as many students as possible to gain entry to universities or colleges and to offer a quality of education and help them succeed once they have enrolled.

NEC directed the Department to implement the Higher and Technical Education Strategic Implementation Plan 2017-2038.

The Restructure Workshop which started on Monday is aimed to train the Department staff to create a new structure of the DHERST so it can have the capacity to serve and facilitate implementation of reforms and transform and unify the Higher Education System in PNG. 

DHERST Secretary, Fr Jan Czuba said PNG is currently losing K1.3 billion because it does not have qualified people and thus the engagement of Foreign Workforce. 

He said the Department aims to make sure it has the capacity to help institutions reach international standard.

Meantime, the Higher Education Minister, Pila Niningi said the quality of education at all levels is crucial for increasing PNG’s human and economic development, prosperity and competitiveness.

Charmaine Poriambep