Date set for new reptile exhibit

Port Moresby Nature Park has announced that its much-anticipated and long awaited exhibit, the Reptile Haus, will officially be open to the public on 7th September, 2019.

The ambitious construction of the new facility, commenced in January 2017, will enable the park to educate visitors on the threats faced by reptiles, the need to conserve them in their natural environment and educate the public on how to be snake safe.   

The design of the exhibit meets international zoo standards as it is the policy of the Nature Park to construct facilities that meet international standards of animal welfare and can be seen in any accredited zoo facility worldwide.  

“The ability of multiple organisations to come together and jointly support and fund our new Reptile Haus facility has been wonderful as this facility will provide important messages on education, conservation and health,” Nature Park’s general manager, Michelle McGeorge, said. 

The new reptile exhibit will house different reptile species of snakes, monitors, turtles and amphibians. 

To celebrate the opening of the Reptile Haus, the park will be running “Snaketastic! The snakes are here” event from 7 September – 13 October that will include a variety of activities such as snake presentations every weekend, first aid demonstrations and more. The National will be participating with a full page pull out that includes a snakes and ladders game. 

Event sponsors include Curtain Brothers, Goodman Fielder, Oil Search, The National and Amazing Port Moresby.

The exhibit construction has been supported by Red Sea Housing Ltd, ExxonMobil PNG, Niugini Glass & Aluminium and the Sir Brian Bell Foundation. 


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