Conservation messages driven during literacy week

The weeklong national literacy week was celebrated with a wide range of activities.

While most participants opted to promote reading and writing to raise awareness on the literacy rates in the country, two organisations observed the literacy week differently.

These organisations used the event as a platform to drive the messages of conservation and local manufacturing and production.

Ilimo Dairy Farm and Port Moresby Nature Park were part of the weeklong national literacy celebrations in the Hiri-West District and visited schools in Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea.

Both organisations brought a whole new meaning of literacy to these schools.

While literacy heavily focuses on the ability to read and write, it also extends and covers comprehension.

Teams from Ilimo Dairy Farm and Port Moresby Nature Park said being literate means understanding what happens around you and having a fair knowledge of different subjects, including nature, conservation and production and manufacturing.

Port Moresby Nature Park Education and Awareness Team said these villages are in the LNG impacted areas and need to appreciate nature and the significance of protecting it.

The team talked to the students about animals and plants unique to the country and taught them conservation methods.

Ilimo Dairy Farm, on the other hand, explained to students the processes involved in the production of its products from feeding to milking the cows to packaging and distributing.

They were also taught the nutritional values of dairy products.

Carolyn Ure