APEC Study Center established strategically

Acting NRI Director, Dr. Osborne Sanida, addressed staff today about the strategic establishment of the APEC Study Center (ASC) at the institute.

In a coffee-meet today at the PNG NRI, presentations were made on the strategic role of the research programs in supporting requests for research and policy development on APEC related matters. 

Dr. Sanida said the meet was held in light of the preparations towards hosting the APEC Study Centre (ASC) Consortium Conference that will be held in May next year, 2018.

The ASC Consortium Conference is an annual conference hosted by ACS’s in the APEC Host Economy for that year.

PNG who will be hosting the 2018 APEC Summit will thus be hosting next years ASC Consortium Conference.

The annual conference will provide an opportunity for academics and scholars from around the region to discuss their research and identify areas for collaboration.

Dr. Osborne says in terms of the status of the centre, they already taken care of the human resource expect for the infrastructure, which is currently in the construction phase.

He adds that the centre is established in NRI so there is strong link between what NRI does and what the centre is built purposely for.

Senior Program Director, Martin Aspin also discussed the progress and plans for ASC, the APEC Study Center Consortium Conference 2018 along with other developments on matters related to the ASC.

Aspin said the study centre itself gives that opportunity to explore local issues but bring regional experience.

This (ASC) Consortium Conference is intended to provide the forum for analysing the theme and sub-themes of the 2018 APEC Meeting as an important event thus the ASCs undertake research, disseminate information and facilitate discussion on APEC-related issues, initiatives and processes to help support APEC’s vision and goals.

Annette Kora