Abused mothers launch association

​Manuti is the home of 'Good for Nothing Mothers'.

It may sound bad but Julie Mongui says there is a reason for this.

These women and their families have been evicted at least three times over the last five years.

But what didn't kill them has made them even stronger.

Now they have settled at seven mile, a few miles past Airways hotel, sometimes called Dogura or “Japanese camp”.

Among issues faced is the struggle to bring clean water for their families, which they source from six mile.

Yet despite the sacrifices, these women continue to be undermined and abused by their husbands.

Hence, the name of the association "Good for Nothing Women’s Association Inc" which was launched yesterday.

With aim to move, the association formally registered with more than a hundred mothers, stands with the objectives to:

- help other women struggling from abuse

- facilitate financial and skills training for women

- provide better health for women

- establish a pathway towards Women in Business

Launching the association was NCD Governor Powes Parkop who praised the women for taking the lead for change.

"My job now is to support you," he said.

The National Capital District has lifestyle programs which Parkop said will be rolled into the community.

He also presented the association K20 000 which will go towards helping their projects such as poultry.