Reduction in airfares on agenda

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments, William Duma, said a reduction in airfares is a long-term goal by Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited.

He said this was on the agenda as part of the goal to improve services.

Minister Duma said the immediate area of concern was to serve the people first.

“In the case of Air Niugini, our priority is to serve our people first and continue to provide services to our people, including some of those non-profitable domestic routes. So the preference is to providing the service that people expect.

“People also complain that the costs being charged by Air Niugini for tickets are quite expensive. We want to see an eventual reduction,” Duma stated.

“And there have been complaints of aircrafts not turning up on time, turning up late, those are the sort of things we want to fix first and then look at the international routes,” added the Minister.

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Cedric Patjole