Potential for more resources in Madang high

The potential for large mineral deposits including oil and gas reserves and geothermal potential in Madang Province is quite high.

This was revealed to the Madang Provincial Government Executive Council by the Mineral resources Authority (MRA) during a presentation early this month on Karkar Island.

The MRA’s Geological Survey Division presented its compilation of a geological resources potential report revealing high mineral deposits, oil and gas reserves, and the potential for geothermal energy.

MRA’s Manager-Geological Mapping and Mineral Exploration, Dulcie Saroa, said Madang already played host to the country’s nickel-cobalt project in Ramu Nickel, and would probably be contributing copper and molybdenum when the Yandera project opened soon.

She said the potential that more large mineral deposits, oil and gas reserves and geothermal in the province was quite high and that there was a need to build in-house capacity within the province to work alongside MRA to help develop these potentials.

Geological Survey Division’s Executive Manager, Nathan Mosusu, said it was important for the Provincial Governments to be informed of the geological potential that existed so that political leaders can make informed decisions on their developments.

Mosusu said  while the national government was keen to increase the revenue from mineral receipts, it was equally important that proper planning strategies were put in place at provincial levels to ensure that these resources were developed in a sustainable manner.

Madang Governor, Jim Kas, said that it was the first time that a National Government body has come down to the people to inform them of the geological resources that were in their province.

He applauded the MRA for this initiative and asked that the provincial executives to carefully study the report and work alongside the MRA to help prioritize development of these resources.

Governor Kas informed the MRA delegates that the Provincial Government has already established a vehicle ,the Ramu Development Foundation, to help drive these kinds of collaboration with MRA Geological Survey.

Madang Provincial Administrator, Daniel Aloi, also welcomed this initiative, reminded all that information was power, and having access to such information will greatly assist the Madang Provincial Government in driving geological resources development in the next generation.

Cedric Patjole