Porgera CCI and SMEC to promote business development

​ A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Porgera Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMEC) to develop farming skills and promote small business development.

The MoU also aims to provide alternate avenues of income generation for locals in Laigap-Porgera once the Porgera mine eventually shuts down.

Porgera CCI Chairman, Nickson Pakea,  said the MoU provide relevant training programs for local people to venture into small and medium business enterprises.

“It means that whoever is already in the field to start up a small or medium business enterprise, we will promote them, and whoever wants to venture into business, we will train them and make them become businessmen or women,” he said.

SMEC Business Development Services Manager, Nathan Timor, also encouraged the people to start agriculture activities and start-up businesses to be economically independent.

“The mine will close one day and PJV will pack up and leave. It is time to think seriously about venturing into genuine businesses so that you can be able to earn an income and sustain yourself”, Mr Timor said.

The local farming groups were awarded garden tools to assist in their agriculture activities.

The MoU was the highlight of the second Porgera Agriculture Show on 31 January this year where Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) supported agains with K15,000.

Processing Manager, Benjamin Burger, told the organisers on behalf of PJV that it was pleasing to see how they had embraced the training the company provided.

“All of us at PJV are very proud when local organisations take ownership of the community development programs that we run.

“It shows the long-term promise for sustainability and for that as well, all of you need the support of government…and I appreciate the support from the local government and also the national government programs”, he told those who gathered.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Timothy Andambo, said PJV provides assistance where people are interested in cultivating food, and also encourages local communities to venture into small to medium businesses.

Another highlight was the display of a variety of food crops and livestock by local farmers.

Themed Strongim Wok Didiman Nau na Bihain, the annual event aims to encourage locals to venture into agriculture activities to be self-reliant.

Ipili Porgera Investments (IPI) Group of Company was a co-sponsor of the show.

Phoos courtesy of PJV Media and Communications Section

Cedric Patjole