PNG’s first Mobil Speedy Site

Mobil Speedy Site is a new concept by Mobil Oil New Guinea that gives local businesses new entrepreneurial opportunities.

PNG’s first speedy site was opened today at the Mobil Jackson’s Airport Service Station in Port Moresby.

Offering many advantages compared to conventional fuel sites, a Mobil Speedy Site is quicker to build and open for business while being able to relocate to meet infrastructure or road changes, which is made possible through safe and durable above ground tanks – with the capacity to hold 40,000L that can fill an average family car up to 700 times.

This new site promises exceptional services and will be proudly run by local business couple Robert and Roselyn Tia.

The couple had the idea a year ago, where they approached the National Airports Corporation, Rimbunan Hijau and Mobil.

“Mobil would have invested K2 million on the service station. We’ve invested over K600,000 on all the other things here; we’ve got to develop the shop, we’ve got to develop the restaurant, the coffee shop,” said Robert Tia,

“In two-three years’ time our plan is to build a two, three or maybe four-level building, basically food court, and maybe accommodation at the top and everybody will be here. You come get the fuel and you want to see the flight, the monitors will be all mounted on the building.

“This place is fully secured because we’ve got cameras all over the place so everybody that comes and goes, we will monitor from here.”

With NAC as the landlord, all airport amenities can be accessed on site.

Speaking at the launching, Governor Powes Parkop commended the partnership between ExxonMobil, Mobil and the Tia family, saying the city is confident in their success, and this is the new way forward to create employment opportunities for Papua New Guineans.

“My role as the governor is not only to look after everyone, health, education, infrastructure but importantly to create an environment by which investment can take place,” Parkop said.

“In the new millennium, it’s the private sector that has to lead the way, has to create employment; give hopes and dreams to our people. Government we should just facilitate.”

Meantime, Mobil Oil New Guinea plans to spread the Speedy Site concept and expand to 20 locations nationwide between now and the end of 2021. A second Speedy Site, Mobil Markham Road Service Station, will open in Lae, Morobe Province, on the 15th of August.

Mobil Oil New Guinea, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, has close to 100 years of history in PNG, suppling quality fuels safely and reliably to the country from well-maintained facilities, including terminals in Port Moresby, Lae and Madang.

(Mobil Oil New Guinea managing director, Patrick Tang, with businesswoman Roselyn Tia – Picture: EMPNG Media)

Carmella Gware