Locally-produced milk expected in 2018

The Ilimo Dairy Farm will have locally produced fresh milk in retail outlets in both the National Capital District and Central Province as early as January 2018.

Operators Innovative Agro Industry PNG Ltd have been delivering sustainable agriculture projects throughout Papua New Guinea.

Recently, Member for Kairuku-Hiri and Shadow Minister for Lands, Peter Isoaimo, visited the world-class Ilimo Dairy Farm.

Ilimo Dairy is partly owned by the people of Central Province, given that the provincial government sits in the Kairiku-Hiri District of Central Province.

Innovative Agro Industry PNG Ltd chairman Ilan Weiss and his team welcomed the Member and his group to the farm, where they were taken on a tour of the world-class dairy facility and briefed on its construction phase progress.

Weiss said working locally to deliver agriculture projects like Ilimo Dairy is very important as their operation will require the support of local communities to grow feed for dairy cows.

This is an opportunity for local farmers to grow a crop that has an assured market, in turn ensuring their transition from subsistence farming to the cash economy.

Weiss said Ilimo dairy is a project that has the ability to impact the lives of the Member’s constituents both directly and indirectly, adding that Ilimo is the proud local producer of fresh milk, showing that Kairuku has the potential to participate in the national agriculture industry.

Sophie Yaruso