Local SME accredited in scientific testing, certification

WMW Laboratory is an SME that is quickly evolving as a local leader in scientific testing, certification and verification.

The company has been hosting a few types of research in the field of environmental science, chemistry and biology to strengthen the core science of Papua New Guinea. Their head office is in Port Moresby.

“This is an exciting day for us at WMW Laboratory for a number of reasons, but none are more important than our recent laboratory accreditation to ISO 17025,” said Managing Director Tomson Tomoiye.

“The recent surge in environmental disaster in Papua New Guinea underscores the growing need for a local accredited laboratory with world-class technology and testing services like ours to meet and prevent those challenges.”

WMW Laboratory works with all the law enforcement agencies like the Department of Environment and Conservation, PNG Health, and World Health Organisation, including other corporate citizens who are responsible in managing their environment and health.

The company’s capabilities allow it to rapidly develop new tests to detect real-time contaminants to provide authorities with actionable intelligence to better their environment and health.

The international accreditation adds confidence and value to the work our local scientists do every day. “In recent past, PNG Government has been looking overseas for science-based answers, today you got it at your doorstep,” said Tomoiye.

Currently, WMW Laboratory employs more than ten people as part of its research, client support and administrative operations.

The company expressed sincere gratitude to individuals in both the private and corporate sector who initially believed in WMW as the local leader in scientific testing, certification and verification.

“We are proud of our ongoing commitment to Papua New Guinea’s development in science and research, which has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success over the last two years. “With our current accreditation, we plan to continue to work with our partners and the Government to contribute to PNG’s reputation as a great place to live and work.”

Press release