Light up the city!

Business houses, shops and streets within the nation’s capitals must light up this Christmas.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop shared his vision of a well-lit Port Moresby during CPL’s Christmas lights launch.

Before officially launching CPL’s Christmas lights at the Waigani Central Stop N Shop area on Sunday evening, Parkop said since taking up the Governor’s office, he has been using all occasions to uplift the image and standard of Port Moresby.

“And one of the occasions we’ve been using is, of course, Christmas,” he stated. “Christmas is important to all of us; it’s an important part of our calendar and our faith. In fact, it is the cornerstone of our faith.”

The Governor said whether you are a practicing Christian or not, what is important are the values behind the event.

“And what I want to emphasise is that, without peace, everything else fails; in our life, in our community, in our suburb or settlement or village, in the city as a whole and in our country. In your personal life, if you don’t have peace, you won’t succeed.”

Parkop was happy to have CPL on board to contribute to the city’s festive atmosphere, saying when corporate bodies come on board, everyone else joins.

“I take this occasion to also ask all the corporates in the city to do and take similar steps. Brighten up your business house, government departments too. Bring lights and bring the spirit of Christmas to your workplace, to your business place, to your street, to your house and let’s welcome Christmas and welcome the values behind it; peace, joy, reconciliation.”

With that, the Governor switched on the lights to brighten up the Central Waigani shopping area.

Carmella Gware