Inaugural Trupla Man Trupla Meri Day

Newcrest Lihir’s Trupla Man Trupla Meri (TMTM) anti-violence and behaviour-shift program is reaching a new height this year with the inaugural Trupla Man Trupla Meri Day set for 30 June.

With the official 2019 theme ‘The Change Factor’ and slogan #MakeItHappen, the business aims to celebrate and reflect on the TMTM journey since the program rolled out in 2015 and officially launched in May 2018.

“The upcoming event creates a significant opportunity for the business to appreciate and recognise TMTM advocates, champions and business partners who have been passionately advocating safe and positive behaviour,” said Felix Tavil, Head of Lihir’s Business Support department.

“Essentially, the event will also allow us to reaffirm our commitment in promoting happy, safe and productive homes, communities and workplaces. As part of our duty of care and strong commitment to the wider community, we will also make a call for corporate partnerships in advocating anti-violence and positive behaviour,” Tavil added.

General Manager Chris Jordaan said: “The event is also timely because it allows us as an operation to pause, reflect and reset at the end of every financial year in preparation for the new financial year.”

Craig Jetson, Newcrest Executive General Manager for Lihir and Cadia, will be on site with keynote guests to celebrate the occasion with all stakeholders.

The TMTM journey started on 30 June when Jetson first arrived on Lihir five years ago to start on his role as the general manager. Together with his spouse Teresa Jetson, they took on the challenges and opportunities that Lihir threw at them, one of which was Lihir’s safety culture that had a strong link to situations at homes, families and behaviour.

Jetson had identified that many employees and business partners were disengaged, hence unsafe at work because their families and homes were unhappy due to violent, abusive, anti-social and negative behaviour. This moved Jetson to go the extra mile to understand the PNG culture despite its diversity and complexity.

Jetson envisioned a safer and better PNG and that led him to initiating the TMTM program in Lihir.

“When we become leaders, fathers or mothers, it is vital to use our influence to assist, benefit, grow and improve things in places where our leadership is visible.

“We will all leave this earth one day, but we must leave it as a better and safer place for all creatures, men, women and children. TMTM is all about living and modelling a positive life,” said Jetson.

“TMTM has made our Lihir operation of 5000-strong workforce unique in the mining industry because we are not only mining gold; we have gone above and beyond our commitment as the miner of choice to mine hearts and minds. This is a great testament of how far we have come as a business,” he added.

To this day, the program has inspired many positive changes in the lives of many Lihirians and Papua New Guineans.

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