Hunters visit vegetable farm

Nine Mile Farm in the nation’s capital played host to the mighty SP Hunters last Friday.

The Hunters spent time learning about how a variety of vegetables are being grown in an attempt to replace expensive imports with an affordable option for ordinary Papua New Guineans. 

Nine Mile Farm produces high quality vegetables that have been fueling our local league team, whom after an amazing win last Sunday, are standing at the top of the ladder. As proud supporters, the farm contributes a variety of fresh produce to the team as part of their sponsorship. 

During the visit, the team was shown how vegetables are grown in a controlled environment, using a relatively small piece of land. Growing vegetables in this environment also combats the effects of changing environment patterns (El Niño), which has wreaked havoc on PNG's highlands region.

The Hunters were introduced to staff and were taken on tour by Josephine Giwar (Training and Development).

In a statement, the farm said: “Import replacement crops like lettuce and tomatoes have been damaged by frost and drought. Farming methods used at Nine-Mile Farm directly contribute to food security by protecting crops from the elements.”

The farm is partly owned by Innovative Agro Industry, an Israeli firm that began operations in PNG in 2011. Israel is well known as a leader in agriculture technology. Modern farming methods are used to grow quality vegetables in an affordable way, ensuring savings are passed on to local consumers.  

Nine Mile Farm has been employing local graduates in an effort to mentor the next generation of Papua New Guinean agriculturalists. Working at the farm enables staff to not only learn important technical skills, but also improve their customer service skills.

Like the Hunters, school children and other groups visit the farm and take guided tours to learn more about how vegetables are grown. Most importantly, the visits encourage learning about the importance of fresh vegetables to a healthy balanced diet.  

Nine Mile Farm thanks the healthy Hunters for visiting and we wish the team every success in the season ahead. 

Press statement