Govt stance on investors reiterated

The Government will create a robust environment for the private sector to flourish. The only requirement is for the sector to pay their fair share of taxes.

This was the statement made by Prime Minister James Marape during today’s 2nd Speakers Investment Summit in Port Moresby, where he reiterated their goal of revamping the Government’s system to ensure there is efficiency and effectiveness when collecting taxes.

“Most, if not, all of you in this room this morning are regular, habitual, good corporate citizens of our country,” he said. “You pay your fair share of tax. But we believe that there’s enough room for collections that we are missing right now and that is something that we intend to do.

“Chasing away investors is least on our minds. When I rumble about making our country the richest black Christian nation on the face of planet earth, it’s not to really run the colour of race, not to really run the colour of religion, not to really run an arrogant statement but I need to find a page where I rally around national pride,” Marape continued.

“I need to find a page where every citizen believe in themselves.”

The Prime Minister further told those present that the dream of making PNG wealthy and prosperous should also be theirs.

“Many of you in this room, you have been in our country for a long time. You have your business address here. Your residential address is here. Your address into the future will be here. You are here to stay in this country, if I am not wrong.

“If this country is growing healthily, then your business address here will be healthy and prosperous; it means it’s a safe environment. So we need to make this country wealthier.”

(Prime Minister Marape at today’s Speakers Investment Summit)

Carmella Gware