GDP recruit thanks PNG Ports for program

PNG Ports Corporation Limited’s (PNG Ports) graduate development program (GDP) is and will certainly be a lifeline for the organisation.

Leon Soka, a participant who was recruited for the 2016-2017 program, said: “It is our conviction (belief) that the PNG Ports GDP will serve as an important succession planning tool for the organisation going forward.

“And not only is PNG Ports contributing toward its staff capacity building through its GDP, the investment in the GDP is also serving the common national development goals of human resource development.”

Soka, when making a short speech on behalf of five other colleagues during a small graduation ceremony at the PNG Ports head office, thanked the board and management for the trust and confidence in them during the recruitment process.

His colleagues, namely Frank Timothy, Gareth Daingo, Theobel Amoba, Wizinga Gamorika (Operations at the Motukea Port) and Joshua Joseph (infrastructure division), and Leon Soka himself (human capital  department) successfully completed the 18-month GDP in October this year and were presented certificates in their respective roles and careers.

Eighteen months ago, on 11th of April 2016, when Leon and his colleagues first walked through the corridors of PNG Ports, the atmosphere surrounding their movements were ionised with excitement and joy with a mixture of nervous feelings.

Soka recalled that they were so eager to know about the new challenges they would face and as much as possible, be a part of PNG Ports, whose story is as old as the history of the country.

“We are grateful and we will always treasure what this great organisation has done for us as long as the waves of the Pacific Ocean continue to knock on the jetties and wharves in all the 15 ports throughout the country,” Soka said.

He stated that at the time of their recruitment, they knew for sure that there were so many graduates from all other universities in the country who had also applied for the PNG Ports GDP.

“But we also believe it was not by chance that graduates are selected, rather it was because of the reason behind the ultimate business aspirations of this renowned organisation that graduates are selected accordingly, for everything in this world happens for a reason.

“PNG Ports not only taught us the know-hows of our career pathways, but further helped us to know what’s within us, our potentials, etc.

“You have provided us with the necessary tools and facilities, and taught us the art of how to use what we had in us; our knowledge and aptitudes, and most importantly, the necessary job skills that we have learnt during our GDP tenure,” Soka said.

Such a feeling would not have been possible without the time and mentorship of the hard working staff, especially the respective team leaders and managers of their respective divisions.

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