Former Bougainville speaker lashes out at BCL

Former speaker of the Bougainville House of Representatives Andrew Miriki has lashed out at the type of manner in which Bougainville Copper is re-entering into the region.

The former speaker and also rebel hardliner during the crisis told PNG Loop that BCL boss Peter Taylor, should be ashamed of himself for entering Bougainville without addressing and compensating the 20,000 lives lost.

“First of all we should all know and understand the fact that this are the very people who caused a war for us to be slaughtered, it should have been admirable if they approached us in a more culturally related fashion.”

 “Like bringing a pig and shell money,” Miriki said.

“We have the most unique mining laws ever on this planet where the landowners own the resources now, and I would like to ask the government of the day now, that if we own our resources what’s BCL doing knocking on our door again?” he said.

“We don’t care if it’s even the new BCL the same laws apply and the same burden and mistakes the old BCL did you also carry,”  Miriki said.

He added that the ABG and its administration is now completely BCL are now all BCL infested and that does not look good.

“Even if they are to follow our laws they must not be treated special, they must be told straight in their face to pay the 10 billion compensation and put the mine back on tender,” Miriki said.


Picture: The abandoned Panguna mine.

Peterson Tseraha