Digicel’s new combo package!

Telecommunication has just gotten better with Digicel, following the organisation’s recent launch of its new-look 1Tok plus combo package.

This combo package will allow customers to have unlimited talk time after purchasing three variety set plans from Digicel.

The 1TOK combo will allow users access to unlimited talk time, coming in plans of 1 day, 7 days and 30 days.

Depending on the purchase of three set packages of K5, K20 and K50, users will be treated to unlimited talk time with SMS, data and free Facebook surfing plans. This plan also includes free WhatsApp calling.

Digicel PNG CEO Valde Ferradaz says this plan was initiated after conducting a country-wide survey, which allowed Digicel to see how best they can serve the interest of their customers.

Telecommunication in Papua New Guinea has peaked since Digicel’s arrival in 2007; the organisation believes that access to easier and better communication is the first step in developing the people and the country.

Meantime, the CEO is determined to introduce more similar plans, including the usage of smartphones in the country which he believes is important considering the different mediums of communication it offers through the internet and other applications.

He said there are plans to look at more ways in which Digicel can invest in bringing this matter into reality.

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Imelda Wavik