Delegation meets with data intelligence firm

The PNG delegation has met with Indian data intelligence company ‘SocialCops’ to understand how the firm addresses a country’s critical problems through data intelligence from across the globe.

The PNG delegation met the company on day two of its fact-finding mission.

SocialCops informed the PNG delegation that 90 percent of the world's data was created in the last two years.

They said an abundance of data already exists on PNG and is accessible both online and offline from international and local sources.

These primary data can be sourced from census, ministry reports and new monitoring mechanisms and can be used to track the progress of the Government's goals such as Vision 2050, Alotau Accord II and the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Looking at data holistically will give us an idea of where a specific need is, and what has been done about it," a spokesperson of SocialCops said.

SocialCops has partnered with governments, corporations and non-profits around the world, assisting each to specifically improve their decisions as well as efficiencies with the use of existing base data through a range of sources.

The Indian company recently worked with the United Nations and the Business Council of PNG to develop an online platform or ‘Dashboard’ which shows how companies in PNG are contributing to meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The platform incorporates data from a wide range of sources to implement

The Dashboard was launched this week (Tuesday 12th December) in Port Moresby.

The delegation, led by Minister for National  Planning, Richard Maru, included Department of National Planning and Monitoring, Electoral Commission, Civil and Identity Registry, NCDC's Urban Youth Development Program, Ministry of Information, Communication & Technology and Energy, Tourism Promotion Authority, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, and the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA).

Maru said a key outcome of this mission to India will be to establish an overarching economic partnership agreement that will basically support all the other sector agreements. 

Cedric Patjole