Collaboration during PNG Investment Week

Oxford Business Group (OBG) has signed an agreement with the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council (APNGBC) for collaboration during PNG Investment Week.

Under the partnership agreement, the global research and advisory firm’s study on PNG’s economic development and investment opportunities will be used for the 2019 edition of the Australia PNG Business Forum and Trade Expo, which is being co-hosted by the APNGBC from June 16 to 18.

The event forms part of PNG Investment Week, which is expected to be a major draw for the global business community following the higher profile PNG achieved in 2018 as Chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Several key events will take place under the PNG Investment Week umbrella, including: the 35th Australia PNG Business Forum & Trade Expo; the 2nd Speakers Investment Summit; Papua New Guinea – European Union Business Conference; and the 15th UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Business Forum.

Topical issues set to be explored over the five days include the importance of strengthening public and private sector collaboration on large-scale projects and ensuring international firms are able to easily identify sectors of the national economy ripe for investment. PNG’s plans to give its agricultural industry a leading role in the sustainable development of targeted rural areas will also be a focus.

Keynote speakers scheduled to appear throughout the week include: the Prime Minister; Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Under-Secretary of UN and Executive Secretary of the UN’s ESCAP; Powes Parkop, Governor of the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea; Shasha Ridzam, Group Head, International Policies and Institutions, Air Asia; George Lam, President, ESCAP Sustainable Business Network; and Sir Danny Alexander, Vice President, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Materua Tamarua, Chief Executive, APNGBC, said there was no doubt that participants at the PNG Investment Week would benefit from access to OBG’s research on the country’s growth story to date and the wealth of opportunities emerging across nascent sectors of its economy.

“These are exciting times for Papua New Guinea, as it looks to build on the success of the APEC Summit by attracting new investors, many of whom will be keen to discover more about the steps the country is taking to create a more business-friendly environment and develop its infrastructure,” Tamarua said.

“Oxford Business Group is known to be a market leader in research on emerging economies and its reports on Papua New Guinea are viewed as an essential resource for decision makers worldwide. I’m delighted that we will be working closely with its team on the ground here for this important event.”

Patrick Cooke, OBG’s Regional Editor, Asia-Pacific, said he looked forward to collaborating with the APNGBC’s representatives ahead of what is expected to be a pivotal five days for the country in its bid to diversify the economy.

“While the success of last year’s APEC summit was well documented, analysts were also keen to observe how Papua New Guinea would leverage its year as chair for longer-term gains in sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, ICT and tourism,” Cooke said. “Events such as the PNG Investment Week will play a crucial role in generating business interest and boosting inflows. We welcome the opportunity to document the results of PNG’s efforts to date, which I’m sure will be of interest to our readers.”  

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