Businesswoman acknowledges husband’s support

She has achieved so much because of the support she has been getting.

Roselyn Tia is a local businesswoman who has tapped into the fuel industry following the opening of PNG’s first ever Mobil Speedy Site at Seven-Mile in Port Moresby, which she and her husband will run.

It is possible to achieve your goals and go beyond if you have a staunch supporter.

Roselyn and her husband Robert do not know much about the fuel industry, but they are learning a lot as they walk hand in hand and work towards their dreams.

With the opening of PNG’s first ever Mobil Speedy Site on August 14th, Roselyn acknowledged her husband for always having her back.

“This is something new, I’ve never been in a service station business,” she said. “I’ve been in little businesses like doing secondhand or running a little shop – a tucker shop – but this is something big. I’ve learnt a lot. I don’t even know anything about the fuel or the tank itself.

“As time goes by, I will learn and I can pass it on to other mothers and other ladies and we can empower each other.”

She said though the business environment is challenging, she has a supportive partner who celebrates her achievements and lends her his strength.  

“I have struggled trying to be out there in the men’s world, given the culture and the way we live, but just believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it and you take one step at a time. Sometimes we fear and we don’t step out, and that fear holds us back.”

She says there is nothing wrong with failure, as long as you use it as a stepping stone to become a better version of yourself.

She has urged other women to step out and keep moving forward.

(Roselyn Tia and husband Robert during the opening of the speedy site at Seven-Mile, Port Moresby)

Carmella Gware